Our team’s extensive experience

Our team is highly experienced in emergency medicine, maritime health, technology and operations.


Ann Jarris MD, MBA, FACEP
CEO and Co-Founder

Dr. Ann Jarris is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer for Discovery Health. She is a Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physician at Swedish Medical Center/ Issaquah, Mill Creek, and Redmond Emergency Departments, and the past President of Eastside Emergency Physicians. She has also served as Medical Director for Swedish Redmond Urgent Care. Dr. Jarris has a passion for remote medicine and telemedicine, seeking to integrate innovative technologies into healthcare and to drive health information into the hands of the consumer. She believes medicine is ready for a more proactive approach.
Dr. Jarris received her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College. She attended medical school at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and completed her Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Arizona. She has practiced as an Emergency Medicine physician for over 15 years, with experience in rural and remote settings. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. She received her Masters of Business Administration at Seattle University.

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Erin Cavin, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

She has a remarkable talent for creating organization out of chaos. Erin has a love for all things saltwater, she moved to Seattle from Spokane for college and swore she would never again live where she couldn’t smell the sea. Erin’s corporate background includes work with non-profits, IT consulting firms, and managing government contracts. She has grown companies from the startup phase to multi-million-dollar revenue and has a special talent for managing client relations. She received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy and English and holds an executive MBA degree from Seattle University. Erin is a voracious reader and loves everything to do with fish.


Ray Jarris MD, MA FAAFP

Dr. Ray Jarris, co-founder for Discovery Health, was an experienced physician with over 32 years in the emergency, occupational and family medicine settings. Dr. Jarris was the former Medical Director of the Swedish Medical Center/Ballard Emergency Department and Past-President of Ballard Emergency Physicians. In addition to Discovery health, founded several medical services companies including Maritime Health Services, Global Medical Systems, MD Solutions, and MD Solutions International.

Dr. Jarris had extensive experience in remote site medical support and maritime medicine. He supervised physician’s assistants in the Aleutian Islands and Afghanistan. He served as the Basic Life Support Medical Director for American Medical Response Ambulance in King County, Washington. Dr. Jarris sailed as Expedition Team Physician to Antarctica with Quark Expeditions.

We will continue to leverage Dr. Ray Jarris’ decades of knowledge and experience in this unique niche in medicine combining emergency and occupational medicine with a commitment to immediate availability and service. Every decision will consider Dr. Ray’s vision of commitment to service, caring, compassion, and delivery. When we do the right thing for the employee, we are doing the right thing for the company.

Our Physicians

Discovery Health MD’s SeaDoc 24/7 Medical Advisory Service providers are US Board-Certified Emergency Medicine physicians with a passion for delivering care in remote and challenging environments.

With deep expertise in maritime medicine, telemedicine, occupational health, primary care, hyperbaric medicine, education, and logistics, our physician team is unmatched in providing exceptional care to mariners.

In an emergency, you don’t have time for a phone tree or a call center operator, with Discovery Health MD, expert care is a quick phone call away.

Our Support Team

Patty Botkin

Ms. Botkin has over 20 years of experience as a pharmacy technician and in the supply of vessel medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for global fleets.  She is an expert in DEA regulations and has assisted numerous clients with the design and implementation of Controlled Substance Programs for fleets in the towing, fishing, blue water and cruise industries.  Ms. Botkin has been recognized by the Antarctic Support Associates for her critical role in supporting a lifesaving emergency medical supply drop.

Renata Bocayuva

Ms. Renata Bocayuva has over a decade of experience in domestic and international medical assistance logistics and coordination. Also a chef, Ms. Bocayuva is principal of Bocayuva Enterprises/Food Creativity @ Work, a culinary consulting company.  She speaks French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.