Our Vision

Founded by Drs. Ray and Ann Jarris in Seattle, Discovery Health is created on the principle of immediate access to expert medical advice and logistics for remote workers. Building on Dr. Ray’s decades of experience in the commercial maritime industry as the founder of Maritime Health Services and Global Medical Services, and Dr. Ann’s extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, Occupational Health, remote medicine and telemedicine, Discovery Health is changing the paradigm for delivering care in remote environments. Our comprehensive solution encompasses: preventive services including fitness for duty evaluations, medical chest design and designated on-board medical representative training; acute event services with our 24/7 physician advisory service (SeaDoc®) and medevac or diversion coordination; and post-event services including physician and nurse case management, medical-legal consultation, and bill review.

Successfully managing risk in the commercial maritime industry requires a deep understanding of the medical, operational, logistic, claims management and legal issues surrounding crew health and wellness. The competing regulatory requirements and interplay between Federal and State jurisdiction, Jones Act and Labor and Industries considerations, and the potential for uninsurable punitive damages require a proactive and knowledgeable partner. Discovery Health provides this depth and experience with an unmatched commitment to service and passion for quality care.

We understand how difficult it is to provide medical care in remote environments. Drs. Ray and Ann served as physicians at sea in the Arctic and Antarctic and understand the isolation and responsibilities shouldered by the designated on-board medical representative. With family members who work in the commercial maritime industry, improving care at sea is also a personal imperative for Discovery Health.