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COVID Business Network

Reducing costs through a network of interconnected locations

The "COVID Business Network" is our unique way of sharing costs and testing availability among buildings within close proximity in downtown city cores.


Up to ten buildings and/or hotels enroll in a COVID Business Network cluster.

We set up a roving testing center in a different office building or hotel lobby in the network each day.

Testing is available within a few blocks of every participating building every day of the week, Monday through Friday.

Set-up fees are shared among the network members, saving significant up-front costs.

Close-proximity sites lower testing costs.

Each building tenant automatically becomes part of the network and can access all of our testing products at a reduced cost.

Every weekday the location moves from one network building site to another, spreading the availability to more people and meeting the return-to-work needs of more businesses.

Interested in joining the network?

Discovery Health MD's COVID Business Network now operates at several locations in downtown Seattle offering cost conscious, rapid COVID-19 testing options for businesses and travelers.
Inquire to find out more about existing sites, membership and pricing.

Discovery Health MD Logo in White

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