Dedicated COVID-19 Testing Sites

Ready-For-Work Assessments

Testing your staff for COVID-19 in the Seattle area is easy and safe with Discovery Health MD.

Your entire company can visit our Dedicated Testing Sites to get quick and accurate results.

Pier 90

Seattle, WA

Minutes away from the iconic Space Needle, our Pier 90 dedicated testing site is easily accessed from Downtown Seattle and neighboring areas.

DoubleTree Suites

Tukwila, WA

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Southcenter has partnered with us to provide a safe and comfortable testing area for Discovery Health MD clients.

10-15 minutes from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

AC Hotel Bellevue

Bellevue, WA

We have partnered with AC Hotel by Marriott to provide testing to residents in and around Bellevue.

Partner with Discovery Health MD to provide COVID-19 services in your area!

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Discovery Health MD Leads COVID-19 Assessments and Procedures.

Our connections in the Maritime Industry told us early that something was brewing in China.

Since the beginning of this pandemic our team has investigated, collaborated with Washington State and Alaska, and worked with research facilities to get to the bottom of SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19.

Now, in collaboration with the University of Washington, Discovery Health MD has front-line testing and risk reduction strategies for companies like yours.

Our COVID-19 Testing Process

Companies schedule testing

Appointments are scheduled to preferred dates, location, and number of employees.

Identify Positive Cases

We identify positive COVID-19 cases (as well as asymptomatic) and assist in isolation procedures.

Bring Your Workforce In Safely

Help prevent introduction of disease into a workforce and transmission to other employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that Discovery Health MD has been approved as a trusted testing partner for Hawai’i. Our partner labs have not directly received approval, but if you test through us, those lab results have been approved by the State of Hawai’i.

Your lab results may have only the name of the laboratory where the specimen was processed. Even though the results may not explicitly name Discovery Health MD, these result formats have been approved by and are being accepted by the State of Hawai’i.

Our partner labs results portal may state that they are not an approved partner. If you have tested through Discovery Health MD, your test results have been approved by the State of Hawai’i.

The State of Hawai’i has stated that they will contact us if there are questions or concerns about the results tested through Discovery Health MD and have our direct contact information available. Upon your arrival to Hawai’i, an airport representative will be able to manually verify that your result is from us, and that we are in fact on the list of Trusted Testing Partners.


No, our Test-to-Fly program is only available to individuals traveling through airports in the Seattle-Tacoma area. More information on our Test-to-Fly program can be found here: Test-to-Fly


We have a robust protocol and risk management program, designed specifically for your organization’s needs. Please follow this link to learn more: Test-to-Work

We provide next day results 7 days a week from our two high throughput partner laboratories.

There are no guarantees or refunds for turnaround times due to processing lab delays.


After your sample is collected, you will receive a card with a QR code during your appointment that will direct you to our partner lab results portal.

Results are generally available within 12 to 24 hours and you can check anytime.

Commercial Clients:

Test results will be sent to employers and Discovery Health MD. Employees should contact their employer to get a copy of their results.


The RT-PCR test is highly specific, which means false positives are unlikely.

The Abbott ARCHITECT IgG immunoassay is reported to be 99.6% specific with a detection of 1 false positive in 1020 specimens in UW internal testing. A false positive serology in unlikely, but not impossible.

If the RT-PCR nasal swab is positive, you will be asked to isolate (meaning stay indoors, at least 6 feet away from others, with no sharing of bathroom or kitchen facilities) for at least 10 days. Public health will be notified and you would be advised to follow up with your personal doctor. You will NOT receive a travel letter, and neither you or your close contacts should travel.

If the IgG serology (antibody) test is positive, you will be asked to isolate for at least 1 week at home and follow up with your doctor and public health for further recommendations.


First you will need to visit our bookings page, which can be found here: Test-to-Fly Appointments

Once the testing appointments are scheduled, you will receive an email with a link to fill out the online consent and questionnaire. You will be asked if you have any current symptoms or recent exposure to someone with possible COVID-19. If you have symptoms, you should not test and should seek medical care. You will be asked to provide demographic information and answer some questions including your travel history in the past 60 days. This information will help with contact tracing efforts  if you or your party have a positive result.

It is very important your name matches your identification exactly.

On the testing day, your ID will be verified and our medical staff will assist you with obtaining the nasal swab specimen. These will be sent to one of our partner laboratories for processing.


Our testing process is highly adaptable to the needs of our commercial and remote clients. Please visit our Test-to-work page to learn more about how we can best serve your organization.

A positive RT-PCR nasal swab means the virus was detected. It does not tell us if you are infectious or not. A negative test means the virus was not detected on the nasal sample. You could still be infectious with a negative result.

A positive IgG serology (antibody) test means an antibody was detected. Antibodies may appear days to weeks after an infection, but may not appear for 3 weeks or may never appear. A positive antibody test is difficult to interpret with our current understanding of the disease. It may represent recent infection, remote infection, or possibly a false positive. We cannot say anything about immunity at this time. A positive IgG does not mean you are immune. Antibody tests should not be used as the sole test to determine if someone has the disease.

Yes, we are a Trusted Testing Partner with Hawai’i’s Safe Travel Program. More information on the Safe Travel Program can be found here:

Our results are also recognized in the State of Alaska, and we have been working closely with state and local governments to ensure our results are accepted.

We have no age minimum for testing. We test all ages including infants. All our assays are acceptable to test with any age group. However, be aware that travel restrictions may dictate the age limit allowed for result acceptance. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the requirements of your destination.

Yes. Bring your passport with you to your appointment. We can also add the passport number retroactively in person or through our Client Engagement team by emailing [email protected]


You cannot add the passport without our assistance.


NOTE: The name on your passport must match the name you test under.

Only one passport can be applied per sample.

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We offer a variety of testing options. All of our tests are CLIA certified. Please check the requirements of your destination to choose the best testing option for your travels.




Results Timeline (2)

Type of Test


Next Day RT-PCR (1)

Lab Based


Next Day by 11:59pm

RT-PCR, NAAT molecular

All Locations

Same Day RT-PCR (1)

Lab Based


Same Day by 11:59pm

RT-PCR, NAAT molecular

All Locations

Cepheid RT-PCR



40 minutes (2)

RT-PCR, NAAT molecular

DoubleTree Southcenter

Abbott ID NOW



20 minutes (2)

NEAR, NAAT molecular – NOT PCR

DoubleTree Southcenter

Lucira All-in-One



30 minutes (2)

LAMP, NAAT molecular – NOT PCR

DoubleTree Southcenter, AC Hotel Bellevue

BD Veritor Antigen



15 minutes (2)

Antigen – NOT PCR or molecular

DoubleTree Southcenter

  1. We use several different labs, and exact test processing platform is determined by the lab at the time of processing. Regardless of platform and lab the processing methodology will be RT-PCR.
  2. Results timelines for rapid tests are based on a single run of a sample. If the result is inconclusive on the initial run then we will have to re-process the sample or collect a new sample, which will double the results time or more.

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For all public and travel testing, we offer options at the locations below.


SeaTac, Office:

All testing available: Rapid options,  Same Day and Next Day

18400 Pacific Hwy S, SeaTac, WA 98188


Hampton Inn, Bellevue: 

Lab-based and rapid options are available

11405 NE 2nd Place Bellevue, WA 98004


Capitol Hill, Seattle: 

Lab-based only and rapid options available. 

1205 E Pike St #1a, Seattle, WA 98122 


Fisherman’s Terminal, Seattle:

All testing available: Rapid options,  Same Day and Next Day

1900 West Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98119 


Tacoma Office, Fife:

All testing available: Rapid options, Same Day and Next day

3077 20th ST E, Suite C, Fife, WA 98424


You can access your results by visiting our website and go to the upper right-hand corner where you will see an option to select ‘Client Portals’. Please click this button and then choose the appropriate portal method on the following page. Kindly note, emails can be duplicated for family usage, however, each individual tested will need an unique username to match with their results.

If you are having trouble logging in, please try resetting your password. If issues continue, please email [email protected]