COVID-19 Testing Types

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All Test Types Compared

Results Timeline2
Type of Test
Next Day RT-PCR1
Lab Based
Next Day by 11:59pm
RT-PCR, NAAT molecular
SeaTac, Bellevue, Fisherman’s Terminal & Tacoma, Cap Hill
Same Day RT-PCR1
Lab Based
Same Day by 11:59pm3
RT-PCR, NAAT molecular
SeaTac, Bellevue, Fisherman’s Terminal & Tacoma (Not on Sundays)
Cepheid RT-PCR
60-90 minutes2
RT-PCR, NAAT molecular
 SeaTac & Fisherman’s Terminal, Tacoma
Accula RT-PCR
30-40 minutes2
RT-PCR, NAAT Molecular
SeaTac, Bellevue, Fisherman’s Terminal & Tacoma
Abbott ID NOW
20 minutes2
NEAR, NAAT molecular – NOT PCR
SeaTac, Bellevue, Fisherman’s Terminal, and Tacoma.
BD Veritor Antigen
15 minutes2
Antigen – NOT PCR or molecularSeaTac, Bellevue, Fisherman’s Terminal & Tacoma, Capitol Hill
  1. Lab Based tests may be sent to one of several labs to give you the best possible turnaround time. All tests performed at CLIA certified labs on various RT-PCR processing technology to be determined at time of processing.
  2. All Results Timelines for Rapid tests are based on a single run of the sample. If the sample needs to be re-processed due to an inconclusive result this will double the Results Timeline.
  3. If there are lab delays, we are able to provide a comped rapid test, if appropriate for the destination.

Rapid Testing

Reliable Results in Approximately 90 Minutes

Lab-Based PCR

The Gold-Standard of COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Antigen Testing

PCR Alternative


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Literally saved my entire trip, and indeed the next phase of my life.

Jeremiah D.

Easy to make the appointment, lots of availability, friendly service.

Testing Customer

Everyone was professional and friendly and the process was quick. Thank you for a great experience.

Testing Customer

Efficient test taking, quick turnaround, well designed portal.

Testing Customer

Had to catch a flight out of the country in less than 48 hours. Telephoned and the customer service guided the appt. process via internet, allowing for no complications and a speedy appt. Caught flight with results in hand with no hassles!

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Don’t waste your time scheduling where you live! This was so efficient quick easy! People were phenomenal!

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Knowledgeable staff, ease of use, quick turn around.

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Results in under 60 min – outstanding.

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There was a problem that delayed results past midnight. Results arrived in time for me. I received an email apology and full refund. Very honorable and appreciated.

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Fast and professional.

Testing Customer

Variety of testing options and wide appointment availability first come to mind. Excellent staff interactions.

Testing Customer

I had to get this test because the first one I did elsewhere didn’t come back in time for my flight home. When I arrived for my appointment and told the staff my situation they were so compassionate and assured me I would have the results in time for my flight. Expensive, but worth it for the peace of mind!

Kimberly P.