What kind of tests do you offer?

We utilized an observed, self-administered anterior nasal swab as our primary method of specimen collection.

Our partner labs are all CLIA certified and have Emergency Use Authorizations from the FDA.


Your PCR test will be performed using one of the following platforms:

Hologic Panther Fusion SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR assay, Roche Cobas SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR assay, Thermofisher TaqPath SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR assay, UW SARS-CoV-2 Real-time RT-PCR assay


We are using the BD Veritor rapid antigen test. It is collected with a nasal swab. We are using qualitative antigen tests.

Check your destination country’s requirements closely. If they ask for a quantitative antigen test or CLEIA antigen test, this is not the right test. If your country requires a nasopharyngeal swab, this is not the correct test.

Now Available:

Rapid Testing

COVID-19 Results in Approximately 30-60 minutes.