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Enable your employees to perform their duties with reduced risk by using our customizable health screening and medical review services.

Discovery Health's Fitness for Duty (FFD) program offers customizable health screening and medical review services. As a FFD program member, Discovery Health assesses potential health and safety risks and implements proactive measures to reduce risk of injury and illness at worksites.
DHMD's Fitness for Duty services include but are not limited to medical history assessment, biometric screening, third-party review as well as specific medical accommodations to ensure safety for the duration of crew-member deployment.

Program Features:

Biometric screening and review

When you need to gather current health data on your employees, biometrics are a quick, effective route to take. Biometrics can include vitals like height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose levels, and a diabetic history check. This small list of data can provide insight into an employee’s overall health.
We can quickly review biometrics that come in from all over the nation. Once reviewed, you will be notified. You can then login to our client portal to view the results.

Health Questionnaire Physician Review

We offer a health screening service that reviews all aspects of an employee’s medical history & current health status. It can be used as a pre-employment health screening, as well as a return-to-work evaluation. Our physicians have spent years working with men and women who work in rigorous environments. These questionnaires are also customizable and have add-on features.

Physician Case Management

Occasionally there are employees that hold a great deal of value to a company, but also suffer from some high-risk medical issues. When an employee has numerous or high-risk medical conditions, it’s important to leave no stone unturned to ensure whether they are ready & properly equipped to return to work.

OSHA Respirator Certification Questionnaire

There are numerous careers that take place in areas with hazardous breathing conditions. These conditions can range from insufficient oxygen levels to harmful contaminants in the air. OSHA requires that respirator users be medically cleared & certified for respirator use prior to using them.
We offer an OSHA Respirator Health Evaluation that gets reviewed by our Fit-For-Duty medical physicians. Our physicians will review the employee’s health history, as well as their history of respirator use to determine if further evaluation/testing is required or if they are unable to be cleared for respirator use.

Review of Medical Exams:

All data can be housed on our HIPAA protected HOMEPORT platform for ease in organization and centralized collection.

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