Fit for Duty

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Ensure your employees are Fit for Duty with
screening that lowers the risk of medical
incidents in the workplace.

Create pre-employment and return-to-work health screens that are customized to your company expectations and various work environments.

What is Fit for Duty?

A medical risk management service that offers health screenings, biometrics, drug screens, and other specialized health evaluations. These services are performed to assess the potential medical risk employees pose and can help reduce the risk of injury or illness in the workplace.

Fit for Duty (FFD) can provide you with reporting and overall record organization of all employee assessment data in our centralized HIPAA compliant platform.

Every work environment poses different risks to its workforce. Our Fit for Duty evaluations are customizable to put more focus on the areas of health that pose higher risks in those work environments.
This helps you stay focused on risk reduction and employee safety.

Our Fit for Duty Services

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Gather Baseline Data

Biometric Review and Drug Screening

Gain insights into your employees health by using our Biometric Review and Drug Screening services. Biometrics can include vitals like:

We can quickly review biometrics that come in from all over the nation. Once reviewed, you will be notified with viewable results easily accessed through our client portal.


Health Questionaire Review

Our medical team methodically examines all aspects of an employee’s medical history and current health status before these employees enter the workplace to help prevent escalations and reduce the risk of medical emergencies.

These health reviews can include phone interviews, medical record reviews, and medical accommodation recommendations.

Our Health Questionnaire Review can be used as a preemployment health screening, as well as a return-to-work evaluation.

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Physician Case Management

Safeguard your crews and your company by evaluating high-risk medical conditions with our Physician Case Management program.

Our Fit for Duty physicians conduct in-depth reviews that can involve consults with the employee, their medical providers, and other specialists to determine whether they are ready to enter or return to the workforce.

Once our physicians have examined all health concerns, a recommendation report will be issued to both the company and employee. This report contains medical accommodations, a medical summary, and a fitness risk level to help you make employment decisions. In addition, it helps employees become aware of their current health risks and offers recommendations for improving health.


OSHA Respirator Certification Questionnaire

Review your employee’s health information to identify conditions that can cause respirator use to be ineffective or hazardous.

OSHA requires that respirator users be medically cleared and certified for respirator use. Factors such as respiratory issues, claustrophobia, psychological issues, prescribed medications, cardiovascular issues, or any physical abnormalities that interfere with the respirator’s ability to fit and function properly.

If our medical review reveals any health issues, a notification will be sent to your company and your employee, letting both parties know if further evaluation is required, or if your employee cannot be cleared for respirator use.

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Our robust platform


HOMEPORT manages all HIPAA-compliant test results and provides results directly to your team via our client portal. If any confidential reporting is needed it will be sent to designated compliance entities as mandates require. Clients can have 1 user to start (additional fees apply for additional users). Included with the purchase of the platform are 2 hours of training with the user(s) of the portal.


Need more?

We don’t stop there. We also offer other Risk Management services in order to assist with health issues you may face in the workplace. Check out our other services and let us how we can customize your service plan:

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Our Physicians

With deep expertise in maritime medicine, telemedicine, occupational health, primary care, hyperbaric medicine, education, and logistics, our board certified team of physicians and nurse practitioners is unmatched in providing exceptional care to remote workforces.

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