The health and safety of your team members and your customers is the foundation of your business. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted air travel in ways that can feel daunting. A person who appears perfectly healthy may be infected. Certainty is the thing we all want most right now, and it can feel hard to come by.

That’s why Discovery Health MD is proud to offer reliable COVID-19 testing solutions communities in the Pacific Northwest.

How It Works

We Set Up Your Testing Site

Our team will work collaboratively with yours to ensure your stakeholders have a say in a plan that has been considered from all angles. We have a history of successfully launching dedicated and mobile testing sites. Whether you’re looking for a permanent, ongoing solution or you would like short-term Strike Force testing, we can accommodate your needs.

The Testing Process is Easy

Community members can sign up for appointments or simply show up at the designated testing site. Choose between a registration platform of your choice or add our proprietary registration system to your estimate. Our medical staff will then assist your community members with obtaining an observed self-administered nasal swab specimen, which will be sent to one of our partner laboratories for processing.

Our Safety Protocols

We care about the safety of your community members just as much as we care about our team members. We adhere to the following protocols at all of our testing sites.

  • Masks must be worn at all times at all testing sites.
  • Individuals must stay six feet away from any other individuals at the testing sites. 
  • All staff wear appropriate PPE and adhere to strict distancing and hygiene protocols.
  • We can accommodate testing for any individual who may need assistance adhering to these measures. 

Getting Test Results

Test results are delivered through our secure online portal, or we can utilize a system of your choosing. If one of your community members tests positive, a member of our team notifies local Department of Health officials.  

Our Efforts Towards Accessibility & Inclusivity

We offer on-site multi-lingual materials and translation services for community members being tested. Sites are typically set up for drive through service making testing quick and convenient. 

Get Expert Solutions

Discovery Health MD is a Seattle-grown company with a reputation for personal, human-focused medical risk management. Our ability to tailor our offerings to suit your operational needs sets us apart.

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DHMD is recognized as a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii