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Not sure where to start protecting the health and safety of employees? DHMD has proudly partnered with Omni CleanAir to jump-start your company's journey to cleaner, safer, and better quality air.

Proven technology. Real-World Data. Hassle-Free Operation.

Omni CleanAir brings 30 years of experience keeping people safe in the most dangerous air environments. Unlike consumer products, our solutions exceed stringent industrial specifications, but are thoughtfully designed to integrate quietly into the commercial building environment. The Omni CleanAir Professional Series removes airborne particles that cause harm.

Key Features


What Makes Omni CleanAir Different


Powerful with 100 – 1200 CFM
Runs 1000s of ours continuously
Up to 12,000 ft3 of space


 360 Degree Air Intake
Merv-11 Prefilter, Activated Carbon Filter
99.99% IEST Tested True HEPA


High Intensity UVC – 64W @ 254nm
SureUVC™ – 100% Sealed & Safe. Always on.
Close Contact Irradiation: Viruses/Bacteria