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What is the Controlled Substances Program?

The Drug Enforcement Administration is responsible for regulating controlled substances, including medications used on board vessels, in order to combat drug trafficking and abuse in the United States. The maritime industry is required to comply with the Controlled Substances Act, which ensures proper management of these medications to prevent misuse, abuse, or diversion.


It’s important to have a program in place for the management of controlled medications on board vessels to ensure the safety and well-being of crew members and passengers. Failure to comply with DEA regulations can result in significant legal and financial consequences.


3rd party Controlled Substance Management program providers, such as Discovery Health MD, help reduce risk of medication diversions by ensuring that vessel crews are trained on the regulations, documentation is complete and up to date, and proper protocols and procedures are in place.


Discovery Health MD's Controlled Substance Management Program

Our Controlled Substance Management program is a DEA compliant, customizable service that is an important part of building a comprehensive shipboard medical supply inventory. Our program is focused on ensuring the health and wellbeing of crew members on board vessels at sea.

Discovery Health MD recommended medications and supplies are selected by physicians based on efficacy, safety, and ease of administration with attention to their cost benefit relative to other similar drugs.

You will work with an expert from our team who will get to know you and your crew in order to ensure the best, most efficient service possible.

Controlled Substances Management Program Services

DEA Coordination

Fleet Medical Oversight

Medicine Ordering and Fulfillment

Controls Review

Medical Supply Ordering

Officer Training and Certification

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