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Our Mission:

To disrupt norms within the medical field to ensure immediate, equitable access to expert advice, logistics, and technology.

MedChest & Controlled Substances

Our MedChest and Controlled Substance Management program is a DEA compliant, customizable service, that is part of a comprehensive shipboard medical supply inventory designed to facilitate the health and wellbeing of crew members on board vessels at sea.

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AED Management with MDSI

When you have only minutes to act, having the right tools and knowledge can tip the balance and save a life. Your organization can make a difference in the survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) by implementing an early defibrillation program that includes an emergency plan for responding to SCA, installing AEDs in strategic locations in your facility and training potential responders in CPR and use of an AED.

Why Choose Discovery Health MD?



Board Certified Physicians and Remote Access; all to ensure all your health needs are met.



The people and industries we serve thrive on resilience. We strive to remain agile, nimble, innovative and to simply say “yes” (when others say “no”).


We have over 100 years of emergency medical experience. Trust us to transform your medical uncertainty into confidence.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Dr Raymond Jarris

About Our Founder

Dr. Ray Jarris, co-founder for Discovery Health MD, was an experienced physician with over 32 years in the emergency, occupational and family medicine settings. Dr. Jarris was the former Medical Director of the Swedish Medical Center/Ballard Emergency Department and Past-President of Ballard Emergency Physicians. In addition to Discovery Health MD, he founded several medical services companies including Maritime Health Services, Global Medical Systems, MD Solutions, and MD Solutions International.

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