About Discovery Health MD

How We Started

Founded by Drs. Ray and Ann Jarris in Seattle, Discovery Health MD was created on the principle of immediate access to expert medical advice and logistics for remote workers. As emergency physicians, we understand the confusion and chaos that can ensue when medical risk is not proactively managed. This is especially challenging and unsettling when working in remote environments. Through decades of experience providing medical support to vessels at sea, and consulting as an expert in maritime claims, it became apparent to our co-founders that a new approach to medical support at sea was urgently needed. After being approached by multiple vessel operators requesting our expertise, we founded Discovery Health MD in October 2016. We began providing these remote medical advisory services in January 2017.

ann cropped
Ann Jarris MD, MBA, FACEP
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr Raymond Jarris
Ray Jarris MD, MA FAAFP
Co-Founder (Deceased)

How We've Grown

We have grown a lot since 2017. As we worked in the maritime industry, we saw opportunities to provide additional services such as Fit-for-Duty, MedChest and Controlled Substances. We have brought on additional staff to support these important services for our maritime clients, while also expanding into other industries that need our remote medical services.

In 2020, we were caught up in the whirlwind that is COVID-19. We saw the impact it was having on our communities and the clients we serve, and we took the opportunity to start a program to provide COVID-19 services, including vaccinations and testing.

We saw tremendous growth since 2020, as we expanded our COVID-19 services to include five travel testing sites, 10 community testing locations, and one vaccination site. In addition to our brick-and-mortar locations, we also built our incredible mobile testing and vaccination programs to bring testing and vaccination to our remote and concierge clients.

Where We're Going

While we continue to work to keep employees in the maritime industry safe and productive, we continually look to more remote industries where our services may be needed. We will continue to keep remote employees healthy, safe and productive throughout their careers while assisting our client companies in reducing direct and indirect medical costs and liability exposure.

Along with our valued clients in remote industries, we care deeply about our communities. We are continually searching for ways that we can provide much-needed health services for the underserved and hard-to-reach areas. We greatly value the partnerships we have made with state and local department of health officials and look to continue to grow and foster these relationships in the future.



We take responsibility for ensuring the health, stability, and welfare of our company, employees, clients, and community within our abilities and resources.


We ensure equitable access to medical expertise, care, and technology. We are committed to building a workplace that strives to recruit and encourage talent while recognizing and rectifying structural inequalities and biases that may affect promotion and retention.


We are passionate about developing creative solutions to challenging problems and providing excellent service. We are passionate about growing our team and constantly improving through self-reflection.


To disrupt norms within the medical field to ensure immediate, equitable access to expert advice, logistics, and technology.


To keep people safe and healthy at home and at work.