Fatigue and Use of Medication While Operating Vessels
August 14, 2017
​Workplace AED program goes beyond buying the life-saving device
August 31, 2017
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Last month, Discovery Health was featured in an article by IntraFish, which highlighted our comprehensive and proactive approach to maritime medicine.

“[Drs. Ann and Ray Jarris] had a thought: How many of these injuries and illnesses could they prevent, instead of treat, ‘by taking care of people at sea,’ Ann Jarris told IntraFish. ‘Someone asked us ‘How can I reduce the cost of medivacs?’ That’s not the solution, the solution starts way, way earlier.'”

At Discovery Health, we are committed to studying the root causes of injury and illness and implementing strategies to keep mariners healthy at sea and on land. We work closely with vessel owners, medical officers, and insurers to fully understand the work environment and needs of the crew. We have repeatedly seen the benefit of early access to expert medical advice.

“We’ve already seen how we’re improving health, preventing injury and illness, prolonging careers and saving insurers and companies a lot of money,” Ann Jarris said. “This makes us excited to keep going.”