The Use of Public Defibrillators

The important article below outlines the challenges we face as medical direction providers and responders involved with public access defibrillation programs.  Key take away points:
  • Educate employees about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and help them become familiar with the importance of early access for victims to your AED(s).
  • The AED should be visible and accessible at all times to first responders and by-standers.
  • Post signage where it is seen and noted by all on your premises.
  • Educate corporate management on the value of AEDs and liability protections in place for AED owners and responders.
We would appreciate hearing from you regarding your experiences and so that we can share lessons-learned and continue to educate our readers on the value and importance of AEDs in the workplace and community settings.

Best to all,

Ray Jarris MD
Chief Medical Officer
Discovery Health, LLC


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About the Author:

Dr. Ann Jarris is a Maritime and Remote Medicine Specialist based out of Seattle, WA. She has practiced as a physician for over 15 years in urban and remote settings. Her experience is in occupational, emergency, wilderness and virtual medicine. Dr. Jarris leads innovation and research efforts at Discovery Health MD as Co-Founder and CEO.

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