Discovery Health featured in GeekWire: ‘How this health startup serving the maritime industry saw huge growth in the pandemic’

In January 2020, a ship docking in Dalian, China, called on Ann Jarris for assistance.

As CEO of the company overseeing the health of the ship’s crew, she was asked if they should wear masks or block people from boarding. Little was known about a new virus.

For Jarris, it was the first sign that things were about to change for Discovery Health.

Jarris had eight employees and loyal customers in the maritime industry at the time. And the COVID-19 virus did not have a name yet. “We started to pay attention,” said Jarris.

Now, the Seattle-based company has a central role in the COVID-19 response in the Pacific Northwest. It’s overseen testing and vaccinations for ships, farms and airports, and helped manage the health of thousands of workers.

Jarris now leads a team of close to 300, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants and more than 10 physicians. She steered Discovery Health smartly through its explosive growth and became a go-to partner for companies and agencies at the front line of the pandemic.

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About the Author:

Discovery Health MD is a Seattle-based medical risk management and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations mitigate medical risk among large mobile and remote workforces. They have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. They leverage the expertise of a seasoned team of medical professionals and close ties with local academic institutions to streamline back-to-work protocols and testing options for the maritime industry and beyond.

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