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As emergency physicians, we understand the confusion and chaos that can ensue when medical risk is not proactively managed. This is especially challenging and unsettling when working in remote environments. SeaDoc® is our 24/7 medical supervisory service for immediate access to a maritime-driven medical provider.

What is a SeaDoc®?

SeaDocs are maritime-specialized ER doctors that have industry experience and are familiar with illnesses and injuries that are common for mariners and their work environments.

Together our SeaDocs have over 100 years of ER medical experience. They are highly trained to handle medical emergencies in remote occupational settings that demand quick responses and effective solutions.

SeaDocs are experts in the field

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Take Care of Your Crew

Emergency Triage and Response Support

Employers who face occupational hazards and extraordinary work environments require unique support in handling remote healthcare and managing unconventional injuries.

With fast response times and assistance with hands-on techniques, SeaDocs give your crews remote access to medical advisory and support anytime while at sea.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Shoreside and MedEvac Coordination

SeaDocs will work with your medical officers and crew to understand each medical situation clearly. We manage cases at sea to the greatest degree possible to help mitigate costly diversions.

If a crew member’s condition requires onshore medical care, our SeaDocs will help keep them stable until they are able to access onshore medical facilities.

In the event that a crew member’s injuries or health condition requires escalation, our SeaDocs can assist coordinating a medical evacuation.

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Reduce Liability and Costs

Service Subscription

SeaDoc® is offered on a convenient subscription basis. Crews are encouraged to utilize SeaDoc® as often as necessary without worrying about incurring extra costs. The subscription covers as many cases as may arise.

SeaDocs strive to keep your crew healthy, safe, and productive throughout their careers at sea. Caring for your crew at sea assists you in reducing direct and indirect medical costs and liability exposure.

Need more?

We don’t stop there. We offer other Risk Management services in order to mitigate possible health issues in remote work environments.

Med Chest Service

We have strong planning and communication skills for both coordinating the exchange of medications (both controlled and non-controlled) and monitoring their expiration dates to ensure there is no disruption of service. We also have experience in working with remote worksites in the maritime industry and our medical professionals are extremely knowledgeable of the needs and protocols of clients. If people sign up for our Medical Risk Management programs, we can alter their medical chests to meet the specific needs of individuals who have specific condition needs.

For more information or questions about this program please contact us.

What our SeaDoc® clients say

Our Physicians

Our physician team provides maritime medicine, telemedicine, occupational health, primary care, hyperbaric medicine, education, and logistics, and are unmatched in providing exceptional care to mariners.

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